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Batshit – post-production “Batshit” is Just Buried Entertainment’s first feature film which pays tribute to cult films like “Evil Dead”, “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, and “Beetlejuice”. “Batshit” is the story of Felix Darby, an alcoholic lost soul who takes a hallucinatory drug and finds himself stuck in a nightmarish world. During the course of […]

Just Buried Entertainment January News

*BATSHIT MOVIE* 2022 will spawn JBE’s first full length feature film “Batshit”, a dark/comedy love letter to movies like “Evil Dead”, A Nightmare On Elm Street”, & “Beetlejuice” to name a few. “Batshit” will be distributed on DVD, Blu-ray. and on streaming services. Look out for “Batshit” early 2022! *DEMON PROSE: WARLOCKS OF ROZLYN – […]

The Jiggles

The Jiggles (2020) “The Jiggles” is a retro tribute to films like “The Stuff” and “The Blob”. Shot on a VHS camera and in one of a kind “Slime-O-Vision”. Meet the Rosedale’s, a fun and loving family. Hey, it’s Billy’s birthday. Everyone’s having a killer time until things start getting green and slimy. Remember there’s […]

Home Sweet Hell: A Halloween Fan Film

Home Sweet Hell: A Halloween Fan Film (2020) “HOME SWEET HELL” (John Carpenter Halloween Fan Film) Mallory Myers loves Halloween, her favorite thing to do is watch scary movies with her boyfriend. But this Halloween, her fun holiday will be slashed upside down with a special visitor who has come home one last time.


Terrorbyte (2017) 48 Hour Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival. A socially awkward man who has zero luck with the ladies, decides to order a sex bot after seeing a wild commerical on TV. Yep, things are really starting to heat up in the bedroom and his sex life is back on track. That is until the […]


Sponge (2016) Alien monster creatures from another planet that resemble sponges attack the human race. The sponges have wicked razor sharp teeth and claws, their sole purpose is to suck all of the brains and blood from their victims. Jerry is a door to door salesman, however, Jerry has a serious problem, he’s a terrible […]

8-Bit Blood Bath

8-Bit Blood Bath (2015) On Halloween night in the mundane city of Rozlyn, a fiery cauldron of evil is brewing… Meet Billy Blitzkrieg, a video game nerd and recluse who loves nothing more than to sit in his room playing video games all night with his Ultraglove. That all changes when he gets a call […]