Todd "killer WOlfson"

Todd “Killer” Wolfson is a Writer, Director, and Horror Avenger who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.

Todd grew up heavily inspired by Horror, Science Fiction, Dark Comedies, 1980’s cinema, Kung Fu/Martial Arts, Grind-house, and Creature Features from the 1950s &1960s. He also drew a lot of inspiration from directors and artists like Kevin Smith, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Stephen King, Tim Burton, and Wes Craven to name a few.

At a young age, Todd found his craft and passion for creative writing and storytelling from watching many films and listening to some of his favorite musicians. In 2015, he started his own production company Just Buried Productions and made his first short film “8-Bit Blood Bath”. One year later he also made a fun Grindhouse-style trailer called “Sponge” which was selected into many film festivals in California, New York, and in the UK. Todd’s first feature film “Batshit” is currently in post-production.