Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn - Volume One

A brief synopsis from Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn>
My name is Blake Spiro. Rozlyn is my home, the dark city of misfits, narcissists, & deadbeats. I’m just another aspiring writer/starving artist barely scraping to get by. Sure my mundane lifestyle was moving along just fine, I had recently lost my illustrious career as a bicycle messenger and spent most of the time frequenting Perry’s corner store for free java and advice. Yep, I was really coming into my own until this snarky little son of a bitch demon who called himself Jasper decided to pop into my zany world. Little did I know that I was going to be dropped smack down in the middle of a demon war that had been brewing for centuries. Here’s the kicker: this demon tells me it’s my destiny to become a Warlock to save all of mankind. Psshh, me a Warlock? Hell, I can’t even finish my first novella. Oh, did I mention Jasper has his own agenda as well? But, that’s another story.

Jasper tells me I must obtain this magical dark text inspired by the Grimoire called the Nexus which contains a hidden passage with instructions on how to create one of the most evil amulets so powerful that it can open the portals of hell. And whoever possesses this amulet will have complete control of mankind as we know it.

And then there was Wren. During the day she waitresses at the popular hipster coffee shop the Java Hex, by nightfall she transforms into her real evil succubus form. She lurks the streets and dive bars of Rozlyn hunting her next victim. Although, Wren only has one real agenda which is to obtain the amulet first and gain control of the portals of hell aka the end of the world, the bloody Armageddon. Yep, it never gets boring in the hellish city of Rozlyn…