Just Buried Entertainment

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8-Bit Blood Bath (2015)

On Halloween night in the mundane city of Rozlyn, a fiery cauldron of evil is brewing…

Meet Billy Blitzkrieg, a video game nerd and recluse who loves nothing more than to sit in his room playing video games all night with his Ultraglove. That all changes when he gets a call from highschool crush. Mallory Rose. Mallory lures Billy into her dark occult world and when the ritual takes a serious turn, Billy wishes he would have just stayed home and beat the last level of Ghouls & Goblins… From the grave rises, Blitzkrieg, seeking vengeance on anyone in his path! Blitzkrieg, existing between our world and an 8-Bit hell, becomes possessed by a ruthless demonic force. He hasn’t forgotten his enemies, and he’s out to settle the score!