Just Buried Entertainment

Just Buried Entertainment
2022 will spawn JBE’s first full length feature film “Batshit”, a dark/comedy love letter to movies like “Evil Dead”, A Nightmare On Elm Street”, & “Beetlejuice” to name a few. “Batshit” will be distributed on DVD, Blu-ray. and on streaming services. Look out for “Batshit” early 2022!
Fancy you more of a comic book nerd? Check out “Demon Prose: Warlocks of Rozlyn: Volume Two” the next chapter of our first Graphic Novel series about Demons and Warlocks think “Hell Boy” meets “Dogma” meets “Evil Dead” will be out later in 2022. You can purchase Volume One on the Just Buried Entertainment Website. We are also in the process of signing with a publisher!
Surf on over to the brand new Just Buried Entertainment Website for all the latest fun spooky news from the Crypt and beyond! We have a brand new Just Buried Crypt Merch Shop with new T-shirts, DVD’s, Posters, and a lot more spooky goodies! (We will post the website link sometime early 2022)
The new Demo Reel will showcase all of Just Buried Entertainment’s filmography since we started back in 2015. We will be also be hitting up a bunch of horror conventions with a brand new set up where you’ll be able to meet members of the Just Buried Crypt including Todd “Killer” Wolfson, President & Crypt Master of JBE and Zombiesha, the official Spokes model of JBE. So, creep it real and stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events!
And for all you slasher addicts, look out for our next horror comedy short film “Blitzkrieg vs Stalker”, our very own “Freddy vs Jason” style film that we are excited to unleash on the world!
In closing, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year. Remember to support your fellow artist friends anyway you can. After all, we are Family and all of us are in this together. So, show some love and support by simply sharing a post or spreading the good word. We are all passionate struggling artists so we must help each other out and keep the positive energy flowing.
Fatally yours,
– Todd “Killer” Wolfson, President & Crypt Master of Just Buried Entertainment

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