Just Buried Entertainment

Just Buried Entertainment


Batshit – post-production “Batshit” is Just Buried Entertainment’s first feature film which pays tribute to cult films like “Evil Dead”, “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, and “Beetlejuice”. “Batshit” is the […]

The Jiggles

The Jiggles (2020) “The Jiggles” is a retro tribute to films like “The Stuff” and “The Blob”. Shot on a VHS camera and in one of a kind “Slime-O-Vision”. Meet […]

Home Sweet Hell: A Halloween Fan Film

Home Sweet Hell: A Halloween Fan Film (2020) “HOME SWEET HELL” (John Carpenter Halloween Fan Film) Mallory Myers loves Halloween, her favorite thing to do is watch scary movies with […]


Terrorbyte (2017) 48 Hour Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival. A socially awkward man who has zero luck with the ladies, decides to order a sex bot after seeing a wild commerical […]


Sponge (2016) Alien monster creatures from another planet that resemble sponges attack the human race. The sponges have wicked razor sharp teeth and claws, their sole purpose is to suck […]

8-Bit Blood Bath

8-Bit Blood Bath (2015) On Halloween night in the mundane city of Rozlyn, a fiery cauldron of evil is brewing… Meet Billy Blitzkrieg, a video game nerd and recluse who […]